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 What We Do
We also clean up after clandestine labs (meth labs ) the  property owners need to hire a company to clean this up so that it will be safe  for the next person to move into, most of the time this work is covered by the  property owners insurance.

After being contacted and employed by the property owner, Crime  Scene Cleanup will make a preliminary property and sampling assessment, only  after approval from health officials. We will take samples and turn those over  to an analytical lab for testing of methamphetamine contamination. Once the  results have been received, a work plan will be established and sent to the  health department for review and approval. Once accepted, Crime Scene Cleanup will start the  decontamination process and  follow with post sampling. A “Fit for Use” certificate will then be issued and  released to the property owner.Health Risks Involved in the  Manufacturing of Methamphetamine
Potential immediate health hazards from exposure to an illegal drug include  shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, dizziness, lack of coordination,  chemical irritation and burns to the skin, eyes, mouth and nose. Severe cases  have resulted death. Less severe immediate health hazards may include headache,  nausea, dizziness, and fatigue or lethargy.
Long-term health hazards may include; cancer, damage to the brain, liver,  kidneys, as well as birth defects and reproductive problems such miscarriages