Blood Clean Up:  it’s a mainstay of most crime scenes.  Every time we answer a crime scene clean up call, we prepare ourselves for blood exposure by packing our well-stocked vans with plenty of specialized equipment.  We find the presence of blood daily - in meth labs, traffic accident clean up situations, suicide scenes and accidental death occurrences.  Every time it’s present, a host of health dangers may exist.

Thanks to our extensive training, our crew stays safe.  However, due to the volatile nature of blood-borne pathogens, it’s illegal for a non-professional to engage in crime scene clean up.  Amateurs who attempt to do so may become unsuspecting victims of MRSA, Hepatitis or AIDS.

  • Even when blood is not visible at a crime scene, it’s still not expedient for anyone other than an expert to attempt crime scene clean up.  Our decontamination team carefully assesses each situation.  We know what to look for – the blood that’s seeped into the floorboards, the red stain slowly spreading beneath a bed’s covers, the rusty substance caked under a car’s seat.  We’re experts at discovering blood’s presence – and we’ll eliminate all traces of it safely and effectively.

  • By “safely,” we also mean treating the environment with concern.  We only use environmentally friendly products; you’ll never see us with buckets of bleach.  Our products are extremely effective for cleaning crime scenes.  It doesn’t take harsh chemicals to effectively eradicate all traces of blood.  It just takes a knowledgeable team like we employ at 

Law Enforcement, Coroners, and Public Service


Law Enforcement, Coroners, and Public Service Agencies

Crime Scene Cleanup  provides comprehensive, fully-compliant cleanup services for law enforcement, coroners, and public service agencies across the United States.

We pride ourselves on prompt, professional service and back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction .


  • Homicide, Suicide, and Accidental Death Remediation:Cleaning, disinfecting, and removal of all contaminated items to restore the scene to a safe, non-biohazardous state.

  • Police Vehicle Cleaning and Decontamination: From basic grime to blood and hazardous materials residue.

  • Removal of Contaminated Items in Distressed Properties:Removal of contaminated furnishings, carpeting, building materials and equipment from distressed properties (a.k.a. Garbage Houses).

  • Blood and Body Fluid Disposal in compliance with OSHA and Federal Health and Safety Codes. Also compliant with the Medical Waste Management Act.

  • Methamphetamine Lab Contamination Cleanup: Strictly following Local, State, and Federal regulatory rules, our OSHA approved procedures offer a one-stop solution, including post-sampling to obtain a Certificate of Fitness.